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Ellen Heuer



What is Hypno-Yoga?

Combining light stretching with expanded breathing techniques alters brain wave patterns into Alpha rhythms. Once there, Yoga’s “quiet mind” becomes a portal to the subconscious and this is the area we want to influence.

Without direction, the subconscious will achieve whatever you are focused on. Hypno-Yoga helps guide you with imagery and affirmations that support healthy lifestyle patterns.

Mental shifts occur as emotional blockages give way to new insight, mental clarity, balance and rejuvenation.

About the Creator

Hypno-Yoga is the creation of Ellen Heuer, a gestalt drawn from her experience as a Hypnotherapist, Dancer and Yoga instructor.

She received her certification at HMI with extra curricular studies as an Imagery Facilitator. She has studied Dance at UCLA and yoga throughout the US,India,Europe and Brazil, with certification in movement therapy from the Sesame Institute of London.

Ellen has taught Hypno-Yoga to an enthusiastic clientele at world renowned spas such as The Golden Door, The Greenhouse Spa and the St.Regis Monarch Beach Resort. She is more recently involved with teaching out doors at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles California.


Hypno yoga enabled me to enter a calm environment through my breath and body movement. I felt serene and energized at the same time. 


The visual tools of Ellen's hypnotic work helps to anchor my day and give me structure.
Perfect start of the day for any creative!

Ellen takes me on a journey that is original, beautiful and revitalizing. Her guided meditations make me feel whole again.

Marci Heskel


Beau Hoffman


Tracy Wren


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